The Importance of Getting Your Criminal or Arrest Record Expunged

If you are one of the millions of Americans that either have a criminal record, were charged with a crime and charges were later dropped, or you just made a mistake; you’ve likely experienced a few serious hardships as a result. can help!

With today’s websites and apps that allow us all to check into everyone’s background and records, if your background isn’t spotless it will be discovered and exposed. Expungement or sealing of records can relieve the burden and restore hope that has faded with the ‘life sentence” that can come with mistakes made long ago.

Our mission at is to offer people the confidential opportunity to expunge or seal their criminal or arrest records in an inexpensive and effective manner. We can help you erase your past mistakes so you can control your future and be able to take advantage of upcoming opportunities.

Expungement is intended to help people who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, those who were arrested but not convicted or those who have successfully completed probation. Our goal is to help you keep your life on track by freeing you from the burden and problems caused by a past criminal or arrest records.

Generally, expungement destroys the records, while official “sealing” them makes them inaccessible (they don’t show up on routine background checks) except in specific circumstances. Typically, you will need to obtain a copy of your record where you were arrested and charged to see exactly what is listed. A formal petition to expunge each charge must be filed.

Past criminal and arrest records that are easily accessible to the public through the internet and other sources can harm you dramatically in many ways. Here are some of the most common reasons it would benefit you greatly to file for expungement of criminal records.

  • Employment: Employers often deny jobs to applicants with a criminal record. There are some states that allow employers to terminate current employees if it is discovered that they have a conviction.
  • Education: Criminal records or arrests may prevent you from attending the college of your choice or disqualify you from certain graduate programs. The Higher Education Act of 1998 makes students convicted of drug related offences ineligible for any grant, loan or work assistance.
  • Dating: In this era of easy online background checks and oversharing online, the odds are very high your potential date is going to do at a minimum a google search on you. A full background check can be obtained at a minimal charge and all your past history will be revealed.
  • Volunteering: Virtually all schools and volunteer positions involving youth require a clean criminal history.
  • Housing: Private landlords can legally deny housing to someone with convictions.
  • Loans: A criminal or arrest record may make you ineligible for a loan or result in higher interest rates. Certain convictions and offences can bar the possibility of a student receiving financial aid.
  • Licensing and certificates: Criminal convictions can prevent you from obtaining many licenses and certifications.
  • Insurance Rates: High insurance premiums may result if a criminal record is found. Specific offences uncovered may result in you “uninsurable” or “high risk”.
  • Firearm rights: Convictions can greatly restrict your right to gun ownership and hunting licenses may be restricted to archery.
  • Federal Assistance: Many public housing authorities deny eligibility for federally assisted housing based on an arrest that never lead to a conviction or actual conviction. Some states prohibit people with convictions from being eligible for public assistance and food stamps.
  • Adoption: Some states will not allow people who have criminal or arrest records to adopt. can prepare the legal documents necessary to file with the court and free you forever. Let us help you take away the endless worry that someone will discover a past mistake you may have made and ensure yourself of a worry free and productive and prosperous future.


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I had such a tough time reading the instructions to fill out the Child Support Forms. I’m not a person who is comfortable filling out forms and documents. helped make my life so much easier. Thank you!

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